The cost of your bike tools

Have you ever noticed the collection of bike tools at your local bike shop? Have you ever considered the value of these tools and the constant source of revenue that they produce for the local bike shop business?  Generally this collection of tools spans years of work and possibly generations of mechanics.  Bike tools are passed along and collected by most bike shops over years of the business evolving. These tools are are the unsung heroes the mechanics use daily to keep you and your town rolling.  The costs of these tools are no small investment and bike shop owners understand this.

Most bike shops have more than one repair station and many bike shops operate multiple locations.   Consider this. On the low end the average cost to set up one professional repair station is around 1000.00 dollars.  Now multiple that by the number of benches.  I've been in shops that have twenty repair stations. That's 20,000.00 dollars in tools.  Now consider the time, money and energy invested in organizing, tracking and replacing lost, stolen or damaged tools by service managers and owners.

The standard practice many shops use is to color code their tools using colored tape, and at some point just about every shop has tried tracing the tool on the board or cutting them out of colored paper.  I've been there, done that.  It never looks right. It never looks professional, and it's very time consuming.   Next its up to the service manager to inventory tools daily.  Many shops use checklists to keep tabs on their tools, but again this is very time consuming for a service manager on a daily basis.  The reason shops resort to tracing or paper cutouts is because visually knowing which tool is missing is the fastest, easiest way for managers and mechanics to know.  I figured there had to be a better way.  So I set out to figure out how to take it to the next level and Tool-Tape was created.