Ordering & Layout tips

Get your layout right!

Getting your tool board laid out correctly is important.  Study your board and make sure you like the tools where they are.  Make sure your most commonly used tools are easiest to reach

Got it right! Take a picture

Try and get a nice straight on shot of your board featuring all your tools.  If possible print this out.   It will help you during your order.  Tip: It may help to number your tools on your picture to make referencing them easier.

Go to the SHOP tab and start your order

Using your photo start adding tools to your shopping cart and marking them off your photo. 

Recommended install tools

It's recommended to have a craft knife, small level, roll of painters tape, a squeegee, and some rubbing alcohol to clean your work surface 

Multiple Benches, Multiple Colors

Need multiple colors and all your benches are the same. Don't worry.  Start by selecting your tools.  You'll be able to pick the colors as you order

Want us to do your layout and order?

Email us your tool board picture and let us complete your order and help with confirming your layout.  We'll work directly with you to make sure we get every tool, and all the right colors. Check out the Custom service page.