Installation Instructions

Step One

Layout your decals flat, cut them out of the sheet if needed, and prep them to post to the board.  These tools will be helpful for installation.  We recommend a level, craft knife, scissors, masking tape, rubbing alcohol, clean rag, marker, and a squeegee.

Step Two

Take a picture of your current tool board and print out if possible.  It's time to make sure you like your layout, tools are where you want them, and they look organized and professional.  Tip: Just because your tools are where they are, and they've been there for years doesn't mean they're in the right spot.  

Step Three

It's time to clean the board where the decals are going to be applied.  You can either remove all the tools at once and clean the board with alcohol. or you can remove one at a time and clean the board one spot at a time.  Both ways work just fine. I personally recommend doing one tool at a time if it's an existing tool board. 

Step Four

Select the tool you want to start with (we recommend starting at one side of your board).  Using your marker put a small dot behind where the peg board hook is.  Now poke a small hole in the decal where the hang hole is.  When you apply the decal you are going to want to align the hole in the decal with the dot on your board.  Make sure the decal looks straight and stick it!

Step Five

Reinstall your peg board hook and hang your tool!  Continue this process across your board

Did a decal get messed up?

Sometimes during the installation process a decal can be damaged or stick somewhere or to something you didn't want.  Don't worry.  Give us a call or drop us an email.  We'll get  you taken care of.


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